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Getting a tattoo hopefully soon, any idea as to where I should get it?

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Same love<3

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Not going to let this get me down.

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Living the BBW life: Introduction into the bloggers life

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All smiles today thanks to my best friend<3 It’s going to be a good day.

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Woman crush every day<3 @flykarmabird

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deleting old pictures on my phone so here you go. #housewifeswag

Inspiring women everyday to strut what they have and love their bodies<3 You are an amazing woman Taylor, thank you for being who you are.

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Alright, all my bbw women and admirers, help my support in the petition to make plus-size princesses in Disney movies. #bbwprincesses #waltdisney #disney #bbw #petition #support

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A woman is her happiest when she has chocolate, mm #hershey #specialdarkchocolate #bbw #theofficialbbwgoddess

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